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Robert M. Bohn, Esq.

Rob is a Virginia native, born in Manassas and raised in Gainesville. He graduated high school from Wakefield School in The Plains, and attended Boston College for his undergraduate degree, and Northeastern University School of Law thereafter for his juris doctorate. Rob is happily married to his wife, Alexa, and lives in Falls Church.

Rob has a diverse history of employment. He has served as a mentor for foster youth in the greater Washington DC area, a day laborer for families of his high school, an office manager for a local church in Manassas, a business manager and salesperson at a small car dealership, a two-time undergraduate research fellow for published professors, and a constituent services liaison for a United States senator. Rob has also worked in various law practices: multiple public defenders offices throughout Virginia, the innocence program for the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts, a small boutique firm handling a wide array of various civil matters and disputes, and a large firm handling contractor disputes over large-scale property development.

Rob enjoys hiking, road-trips, disc golf, cooking, history, talking philosophy and politics with friends, and fantasy football (except when his team is bad). He’s a cat-person, although dogs are starting to grow on him. Rob lives by the motto that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Courage of one’s own convictions is paramount; if you don’t fight, you can’t win.


Waleed K. Risheq, Esq.

Waleed comes from a background of fighting for Civil and Human Rights. Throughout his law school and professional career he has been devoted to taking on the system and changing it for the better. Currently he is working on publishing a research article pertaining to the freedom of movement of noncombatant individuals in war-torn countries. Waleed lives by the motto that there is nothing better than vindicating yourself in the court of law.

Other than practicing law Waleed is an aspiring triathlete and spends most of his free time training or with his family and dogs.